Lunch Club


Morning Routine

When you arrive in the morning please place your child’s lunch bag onto the lunch bag table. Once parents have left and the gate is alarmed the lunch bags will be moved into the kitchen.


Please help us by remembering to pack your child’s lunch into a cool bag that contains an ice block. It is your responsibility to ensure that the contents of the lunch bag will stay fresh until 12pm.


Here’s how lunch club works from the children’s perspective:


We all say ‘Bye, Bye’ to our friends who are not staying for lunch.

We wash our hands, collect lunch bag and choose where we are going to sit.

Even Jan, Helen, Dawn and Kris have their own packed lunch. They have lunch with us on different days. They help us and we talk about lots of different things:

  • Who’s got what in their picnic

  • What’s healthy and good for us – we talk about supersonic foods! Please help us support this development by thinking carefully about the types of foods you are including for their lunch. Try to avoid foods such as chocolate biscuits and crisps and other foods that are high in sugar or salt

  • Table manners

  • And lots of different conversations and stories

After we have eaten as much as we can we tidy our own lunch bags, putting our rubbish in the bin and packing our bags. There are new games to play with and when most have finished eating, we do something together. So we might:

  • Play group games

  • Read stories

  • Dance

  • Play circle games

  • Sing songs

Home Time


Children love celebrating birthdays and we like to mark their special day, or as near as possible, by having an extra special snack time - including cake, candles and singing! If you would like to extend your child’s birthday to pre-school it helps us if you can provide the special biscuits or cake for snack café, for all the children (and staff!). Please avoid anything containing nuts.