Our pre-school aims to:


  • Provide high quality care and education for children aged 2 to 5 years

  • Work in partnership with parents to help children learn and develop

  • Add to the life and well-being of our local community

  • Offer children and their parents a service that promotes equality and values diversity

    We offer your child:

  • A specially tailored curriculum leading to approved learning outcomes

  • Individual care and attention made possible by high adult to child ratios

  • A family feel with fun and friendship with children and other adults

    We aim to provide a secure, caring, friendly and fun environment where children can learn to interact with other children and adults on what might be their first venture away from home. We work in partnership with parents to ensure this is achieved. Stimulating play activities, based upon the children’s interests, are designed to help each child on their developmental journey in all areas: physical, cognitive, linguistic, spiritual, social and emotional. Ultimately, we feel that when children feel relaxed, safe, valued and are having fun it builds their confidence and develops independence making them happier to learn and of course paving the way for their move to ‘big’ school.

A group mark making project outside – making our own underwater adventure books