Parents as Partners


Our pre-school places high emphasis on our parent partnerships and we recognise and value the parents/carers of every child within our setting as the most important teachers that the children can have. OFSTED recognised our partnerships with parents as ‘outstanding’.  We reflect this in many ways:

  • Each family has a key person who maintains very close links to ensure the best outcomes for their children. Your key person is your first point of contact ensuring your child feels safe, secure and cared for and building a strong relationship with you as a family. They play a vital role, particularly when your child first joins and is settling in.

  • In our welcoming, family feel pre-school parents feel comfortable to stay and play, to talk to staff and other parents. Parents never feel rushed to leave.

  • Weekly newsletters are sent directly to all our parents via email each weekend. These detail ways in which parents can become involved in aspects of pre-school.

  • We plan events at least once every half term for parents to join us. Examples such as outdoor themed events for autumn, spring and summer, Christmas show, stay and play sessions, sports day, teddy bear picnics.

Our Autumn Adventure is for all of our families. One Dad is being hidden by leaves ready to jump out!

  • Every child has their own learning journey. Parents are encouraged to share in these learning journeys and key persons keep parents fully updated on the progress of their child. In addition to daily informal chats, pre-school holds more formal parent meetings each term to give an opportunity to sit down away from the hustle and bustle and celebrate the progress that each child is making and share information which may be beneficial in aiding and nurturing each child’s next steps. Your child’s learning journey will be available for you and your child to see at any time and we welcome your contribution. All staff will be happy to discuss them with you at any time, as well as any concerns you may have regarding your child’s development, If your child has any additional needs, please share your concerns with your key person or the pre-school manager. We will be able to provide additional help to support your child.

  • Please also see Parent Helpers

Sports Day is enjoyed by all.