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Wray Endowed Primary School


The pre-school works closely with the primary school and some of our children (although by no means all) will progress through to the infant class at Wray School. Wray School has in place an effective induction programme to ensure a smooth transition into the infant class. The caring and dedicated infant staff are a key part of this process: they are very good at ensuring that starting school, which can be a daunting process for some children, is done caringly and in full partnership with home and pre-school. Pre-school spends time in school during the spring term which helps children get an initial feel for the school environment within the security of their pre-school group. The infant staff regularly support pre-school and visit with the children. Finally children attend school for one morning a week during their final summer term for a period of around six weeks

We are very involved in scarecrow week; making our own scarecrow, visiting the café, taking walks around the village and watching the maypole dancing at school.

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