Sessions & Fees

We are open every day and have extended our session options as much as possible to offer flexibility. We welcome children for as many or as few sessions as suits.

Although pre-school is open to all children from the age of two, forest school sessions are offered to children from the age of three.


Staff:child ratios are 1:4 for under threes and 1:8 for over threes, if a session is running with mixed ages sharing a space we work at the lower ration so 1:4. Forest school sessions are also kept to a 1:4 ratio.


Our Pre-School fees are £4.48 per hour for all non funded children.


Forest School fees are also £4.48 per hour with an additional charge of £3.00 per session to cover the reduced ratio, Forest School Leader and additional resources.


We offer funded places for two and three year old children. For two year old children this is for 15 hours and is means tested. For 3 years old children it is 15 for all children from the term following their third birthday, with a further 15 hours been available if you meet certain criteria. The funding is provided to cover basic early education and care therefore parent's are expected to be charged for additional services. We have a voluntary charge of £3.00 per Forest School session. We also accept payments via the employee voucher scheme. Parent's may also be also be eligible for tax free childcare or to receive up to 85% of their childcare costs. Please see the the Government Childcare Choices website for further information.

We aim to keep these charges as low as possible.  Whilst these charges cover our running costs, in order to replace worn out/damaged toys and equipment we rely on grants and fundraising events throughout the year. As such we value highly your support, either as an organiser or by contributing your help, time or donations.


Pre-School AM 9am - 12pm Lunch Club 12pm - 1pm Pre-School PM 1pm - 3pm





Pre-School AM 9am - 12pm Lunch Club 12pm - 1pm Pre-School PM 1pm - 3pm


Forest School AM 9am - 12pm Lunch Club 12pm - 1pm Pre-School PM 1pm - 3pm


Forest School 9am - 12pm Lunch Club 12pm - 1pm Pre-School PM 1pm - 3pm

Our Invoice Policy

  • ​Fees are payable half-termly in advance.

  • There is a payment due date specified on each invoice.

  • Invoices may be settled by cheque, cash or internet payment for ease of banking

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